My Dad's 50.5" Ohio lunker at 82  years old,  Dad passed 2 years later.

Joseph  is still catching them!

Joseph Wade at age 8 with his 1st

Muskie.  Only the 1st of many to come!

                                           Danny Wade's Bio

I began my Ohio Muskie fishing career in the mid 70s.  Although I started seriously chasing Muskies during that period, I actuality began my Muskie education some years earlier.  When I graduated from high school in 1972,  I was given my first job opportunity by way of my Uncle, Doris Moore. He helped me acquire a job at a manufacturing company where he was employed. Uncle D had already been an avid Muskie Veteran for nearly a decade. To make a long story short, Uncle D was the one who sparked the original Muskie fires in me.  From being around him countless hours while I worked there, Muskie fishing was the main theme of many of our conversations.  To say the least, when the seeds of my Muskie future began to spring up in me, I had a wealth of valuable Muskie catching information already embedded into my thoughts.  (I cannot over emphasize the tremendous value to any Muskie newcomer in having a  Muskie mentor that is willing to freely pour their Muskie knowledge into them. It is invaluable.)  Uncle D primarily loved to cast for Muskie.  He hated to troll in those earlier years, but in latter years, became expert at it.  A few years later I would be introduced to the art of trolling and that further expanded my  Muskie successes.   

In 2000 I started the Muskie Tutor Guide Services based primarily at Salt Fork Lake, in Guernsey County, Eastern Ohio.  I have guided multiplied scores of friends, family, and paid clients to their first Muskie, and many times their first Ohio Huskie Muskie (42" or longer) including a number of 50 inch plus Muskies.  

I have authored my own 200 plus page downloadable e-book entitled "The Muskie Manual"  that deals almost exclusively with instruction on how to catch reservoir Muskies. 

I have won awards through the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club such as "Mr. Muskie"  of 1984 and The Doc Dunmire Award.   In the late 1990's

myself, my Dad and my son Joseph all won the Doc Dunmire Award all in that season.  They told us up to that time no 3 family members had ever

qualified for that award in the same season before.  That was especially nice for us because we would lose my Dad just a few years after that.

Since beginning my Muskie adventures in the mid 70's,  I have personally caught over 600 reservoir Muskies as well as others in southern & northern Ontario.  Since then, there have been over 1375 Muskies caught out of my boats with me at the helm.  90% of those were Ohio reservoir Muskies.  If I had lived in the Detroit - Bell River, Ontario regions, my stats would have dwarfed the above reservoir numbers. We catch lots of Muskies when we go to Lake St. Clair.  As a former Ohio Huskie Muskie Club President once told me,  "If you can catch Muskies in Ohio you can catch them anywhere."  I'm not sure how far that statement holds water but I do know it contains a lot of truth.  When I made one of my first trips to Lake St. Clair in my own boat, that week we boated 47 Muskies and my son Joseph took a 50.25" fish and my friend Mike took a 52.25" Muskie.  I could only muster a meager 48.5" that week but none the less I wasn't complaining.  My thanks to the Danny Everhart family who took me to St. Clair a couple of times with them prior to me going up there in my own boat.  Thanks Dan for introducing us to a great place to Muskie fish.

- Our  "DW 000 Shad"  is a high impact, fast trolling, solid wood constructed, down - sized Muskie bait that has caught a number of Muskies over 50 inches. It has taken multiplied hundreds of reservoir Muskies.   We have since added the Danny Wade DZ Muskie Minnow that is already putting Muskies in the net and my newest addition The Danny Wade DZ Magnum Minnow.   All  hardwood, all durable, all good looking, great running Muskie trollers but best of all the Muskies love them!

We do not claim to be to know everything about catching Muskies.  Quite the contrary, a true Muskie Hunter expands his fish catching knowledge from season to season, from decade to decade. It's an ever learning process that
will require you to be diligent, patient, and persistent. If you are a Muskie newcomer and mainly fish reservoirs, we can help you catch more Muskies.  If you are an existing Muskie veteran we may not be able to help you as much but you might want to take a closer look.  You just might discover a couple of nuggets that will add a few more fish to your count.

I hope we will be able to help you become a better reservoir Muskie fisherman!  We invite you to visit us often!

Danny Wade