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All the way from Oregon to fish with us!


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                                           My 2017 Muskie Guide Service Rates
                   "Now In Our 15th Season of Operation"     41 Years of Muskie Fishing Experience!

  Ohio has become one of the premier inland Muskie Fisheries in the country. In years past many traveled to far northern regions in search of the illusive trophy musky. Today you can pursue these magnificent fish right here in the state of Ohio. My muskie guide service is geared towards both catching muskies and teaching you how to catch muskies out of your own boat.  Looking forward to fishing with you!

    Our Success Rate Among Clients Since Beginning Our Service In 2000 is over 90%

                                                                                                             CURRENT RATES

        1 or 2 Persons  8 hours  8:00 am to 4:00 pm $500.00  Includes use of all tackle, poles, baits, boat.

                   We do not generally take 3 persons.    At this time we no longer offer 1/2 day bookings.

                                      A $200.00 non refundable deposit is due via cash or credit card to reserve a booking date. 

                                                                     Balance due morning of the trip via cash. 

Things You Will Need To Bring With You:

Ohio Fishing License         Lunch / Snacks / Drinks (NO ALCOHOL)      Camera          Sunscreen           Rain Gear       Sun Glasses

                                                     Note: Wearing a hat can prevent headaches on hot sunny days


My Muskie Guide Service Policies

1. No alcohol permitted on trip nor will any person under the influence of alcohol be permitted on my boat.

         2. All clients must sign a liability release form before the fishing day begins.

         3. I assume no responsibility for any physical injury, lost of personal items or tackle while you are in my boat.

         4. Payment is cash only with all new clients, payment balances due at the beginning of the fishing day/

5. Clients must pre register and make a minimum deposit of $200.00 toward the day’s outing. Balance due the morning

           of the trip.   Permanent cancellations or no shows forfeit their deposit. Deposits must be received no later than 10 days

           prior to the date of the fishing trip.

         6. Late arrival to the trip will be deducted from your fishing time.

         7. Clients are responsible to bring their own lunches, snacks and soft drinks and other misc..

  8. In the event of unexpected severe weather during the day making the day unfishable, the balance of the trip can be

           rescheduled for another day. Note: Almost never happens.  We watch the weather patterns closely. We will keep you informed.   

           Once the day passes the 6 hour mark though. no compensation will be made for shortened trips due to unexpected severe    

          weather interruptions.

         9. We fish in the rain, not in severe weather. Scattered showers are a great time to be on the lake musky fishing. Be advised.

             Bring rain gear.

        10. Additional hours of fishing can be purchased beyond the 8 hour fishing day at a rate of $50.00 an hour providing my schedule

              will permit. Payable before we continue..

        11.  BE PREPARED. I do not recommend musky fishing to persons that are not experienced outdoors type people. Dress and    prepare for the weather and a day on the water. This is a big game fishing trip, not a pleasure cruise.

        12. Release Policy: In Ohio waters at present there is no statewide size limit imposed on Musky. However, in my boat I have a size limit requirement. The Ohio Huskie Muskie Club, a prominent Ohio Musky Conservation Club acknowledges a Musky of 42" or larger as a trophy class fish and labels such a fish as a Huskie Muskie. In my boat  we are a catch and release guide service. Thus it is my policy that any Musky caught by a client or non client out of my boat  will  be released after a brief photo session.  You do not have to keep  the fish to qualify for the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club or Fish Ohio honors.

                                                              Something You Should Know!

 Even though I make it clear in my guide policies I can not guarantee any client will catch a Musky the day of their trip, I still on occasion have someone who doesn’t seem to understand that getting “skunked” is a real possibility. Muskies are known throughout North America as one of the most challenging and difficult species to catch. Veteran Musky anglers have already weighed and accepted the obstacles of weather, unpredictable moods of the fish and any number of other intangible factors in catching these great fish. The cold hard fact  Musky Fishing Is Tuff! Every season I get some “newbie” client(s) that after just several hours of fishing just can’t understand why they haven’t caught their trophy of a lifetime. I’ve had clients catch a monster Musky in the first hour of the day but I also have clients that have gotten “skunked” after fishing all day as well. If you are he type of person that MUST catch fish in abundance when you hire a guide, may I suggest a Lake Erie Walleye charter. You may not yet be up to the rigors, demands and disciplines of Musky fishing.

         Sports Afield some years ago published an article describing the Muskie as a fish of 10,000 casts. Another publication once published that the national average to catch “a” Muskie was one hundred hours of fishing per fish! I’m not trying to discourage you, my catch rates are MUCH better than that. But what I am trying to tell you is that NO Muskie guide service, can pull the rabbit out of the hat with every single client on every single outing. Over 90% of my clients I have taken out since we began guiding in the spring of 2000, have caught Muskies with me on the day of their trip. I have guided numerous clients to Muskies in the 46” to 52.5” range as well as multiplied scores of them below this size. This is not a “fish market” guide service. You can’t lay down your cold hard cash and then go pick out your Musky, in a manner of speaking. You still still have to fish and I mean fish hard for your Musky. If you can’t deal with the risk you may get skunked the day of your guide trip then don’t book with us. Muskie fishing is not for the impatient, faint of heart or those short on persistence. You’re going after North America’s Greatest Game fish. They didn’t achieve that status by being a push over to catch. In short, if you’re new to Musky fishing or are not used to burning long hours in pursuit of a trophy fish, I suggest you think the task through before booking a trip with me.


                                                                        MY GUARANTEE 

  I GUARANTEE that you will have a reasonable chance to catch a Muskie(s) the day you go out and that you will leave the day informed, instructed and drilled on the fundamentals of Muskie fishing on your own.  We further back that up with written material available such as our 212 page publication The Muskie Manual available via "e-book". Last but not least, I have always felt my clients should be able to follow up with me after the trip.  My clients are always welcome to contact me with questions or needed advice any time after our outing. We are here to support you after the guide trip as well as during.  We are here to help you catch more Muskies   Danny Wade