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          Tips      Articles Techniques   Muskie Basics    Insider Secrets Instructions    Catch & Release    Seasonal Change Ups

Fishing Lake St. Clair    Early Spring Killer Tactics    How Fish Fronts Effectively     Hook Sharpening & Safety    and Much More!

 Whether you are a Muskie newcomer or someone who just wants to improve on your current successes you will find that the Muskie Manual II is packed with tons of information about fishing for muskies and just about everything related to muskie fishing. This Muskie book is backed by over 30 years muskie fishing experience.  You will be able to view this material with the same browser you would use to surf the internet. Image and pages load instantly with no hesitation and you can jump to any area of the book with just a click of a button. Super easy to use and content can be found quickly.

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          The Muskie Manual II Digital Book Version 1.0

                                                Over 200 Information Packed Pages

The Muskie Manual II Digital Book Version 1.0 is one of the most thorough books on reservoir type Muskie fishing available today. Many books or magazines deal with Northern Muskie tactics but let’s face it, fishing lower mid western reservoirs such as Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania & West Virginia, are a lot different than Wisconsin, Minnesota or Canadian Muskie fishing. The Muskie Manual II can help you become a more successful reservoir Muskie fisherman