Joseph Wade 7/7/16 w 44" SF Huskie Muskie.  Caught on a DW 000 Shad Hot Tiger. Was immediately and successfully  released.. DW

   DW 000 Shads Now Available in Two Depth Ranges!

DW000 "Ds"  will dive 9 to 12 feet on average - depending on the type of line, variables in  line diameter, trolling speed and rod position.

DW000 "Ms" will dive on average of 6 to 9 feet - depending on the same variables.

                   Please specify when ordering which size you want in the available color patterns

DW 000 Shads now available in the deep diver and medium diver models.  See details!

DW with 43" Salt Fork FIsh.  Caught on DW 000 Fire Tiger

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Danny Wade DZ  Minnow

Gold Perch Recommended for stained water conditions with overcast, rainy, darker weather.

Bright Tiger  High producing, multiple conditions pattern.  Our favorite pattern.  Brighter than most Fire Tiger patterns. Don't fish without this one.

Pearl  -  We really like this pattern on bright days with real clear water.  On the right day our Bright Pearl has been the difference for us.

                                       COMING SOON OUR NEW BRIGHT CRAW COLOR PATTERN!!!


DW 000 Shad

Danny Wade DZ Magnum

                     NOTICE!  Due to increased demand for these bails, allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. 

‚Äč             Our inventory is increasing but so are the orders for these baits.  Also check us out on Ebay!  DW

Our present lure family and growing!

The BIG Brother to our DZ Minnow.

The Danny Wade DZ Magnum

                  5.5" nose to tail

Danny Wade's DZ Minnow.

                  4.5"  nose to tail

DW 000 Shad.

    3.5" Nose to Tail

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                                                        Introducing  Danny Wade's

        Hand Crafted Hardwood Muskie Baits

                                     featuring the
DW 000 Shad HD  -  Danny Wade DZ Minnow
                      The Danny Wade DZ MAGNUM Minnow
                                                   Hand Crafted Wood Muskie Baits

Was sent this photo!

Mid July 2015 50" Salt fork Release.caught on one of our DW 000 Shad Fire Tigers!

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Danny Wade DZ Code
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