This is not your typical "open for discussion" message board that leaves the door open for word fights and slanders.  The purpose of this board is if I want to put out a personal announcement to my clients, potential clients or the public at large, I will leave those short announcements here.  This will be a quick and easy way for me to convey to you brief nuggets of information you may find useful.  So stop by occasionally.  You never know when I will give you a shout out!!  Note: again, this is a read only board. No posts.

SSometimes the unexpected fish!

MUSKIE NEWBIE TIPS ... Muskie Fishing is Tuff!  This time of year Its not uncommon to have the Muskie "wannabees" ​ call me up and want free tips, how to's, where to's and any who's of catching a summer Muskie.  I have helped hundreds of people get started in Muskie fishing, many of which have gone on to be very successful at it.  But many newbies seem to have the opinion that all they need is a couple of tips, one or two lures and a pat on the back to become a successful Muskie fisherman. I guess anyone could hit the lottery but Muskie fishing  typically takes more than a roll of the dice. To become successful at catching Muskies you have to become a student of the game.  I hear it all the time. "I'm going to give Muskie fishing a try this weekend!"  Not realizing they could make 10 trips to the lake and never even see a Muskie because of their total lack of experience, equipment and general seasonal Muskie knowledge.  Most people who casually try Muskie fishing on a whim, 99.999% of the time come away disappointed.  (Over 60% of my guide clients are people that have been trying to catch Muskies for several years on their own and can't consistently, if at all make it work)

Here is my best advice to you Muskie "wannabees" out there.

1. Become A Student of the Game.  That means you make a determination to diligently pursue knowledge about catching Muskies. I said DILLIGENT not CASUAL. And that's not all. That quest for Muskie knowledge never stops till you quit fishing for good. You never stop learning in Muskie fishing.

 2. Find a Muskie Mentor.  Absolutely invaluable. All of my clients know they can pick up the phone and call me any time after they have fished with me to ask me Muskie related questions.  Some still call me after many years have gone by. Befriend someone that knows a whole bunch more about Muskie fishing than you do and be willing to be teachable. Finding a Muskie Mentor is not always easy but if you do they will be a wealth of Muskie catching knowledge for years to come.  A Muskie Mentor is invaluable to your Muskie success!

3. Become Well Equipped. Don't go bear hunting with a switch!  Its always been shocking to me how Muskie newcomers waste a ton of money on lures or items that are not going to produce for them in the long run.  Everything from buying the wrong rod holders to buying the wrong boat.  Use only adequate equipment and tackle.  Research first...then ask... then buy.

4. If you truly want to be successful as a Muskie fisherman you  will need ​a boat. Must be very stable, reasonably roomy with a good gas motor and electric motor if you are planning to do any casting.  A bimini top is a life saver to have for mid summer trolling.

Now ​there are some newbies reading this that are already starting to cringe at the sound of all this.  Muskie fishing is not for the faint of heart, inpatient, or one lacking in the persistence department does involve some expense to get started.  But the rewards can be a lifetime of fishing pleasure.  Muskie Fishing Is TUFF!  Accept the challenge, get a good foundation and you can find a rewarding adventure in Muskie fishing.  But its not for everyone,  "Everyone would love to catch a Muskie"  but most never make the commitment it takes to see that happen.    DW 6/13/18

49" HAWG Caught 6/21/18  by my guide client that day on a New DW000 Shad MAGNUM in the Sand Craw Pattern.  See pic below!

DW000 MAGNUMS ON FIRE AT SALT FORK!  More fish taken on DW000s at Salt Fork this week including 4 more today (7/7/18)

​in the DW000 Magnum SAND CRAW Pattern pictured below.  I stated earlier this spring I predicted the new DW000 Mags would be our best seller by 2019 season and they are well on their way to reach that goal!  DW

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The Muskie Manual II

       Teaching you how to catch more reservoir muskies!

                   By Danny Wade   200 plus page Ebook of Muskie Catching Instruction!

The above Ohio Reservoir Muskies were caught by my guide clients while fishing with me. On the far right, is one of myself in eastern Ohio at Salt Fork Lake!

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                                                                                       Greetings and Welcome From Danny Wade  

Thank you for visiting my website today.  We hope you will come back and visit us often. Our goal is to assist you in  becoming a more successful Muskie fisherman in your local region.  Traditionally, when we think of Muskie fishing, our thoughts go to far away waters in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Canada, and the Great Lakes systems.  But in the past 50 years or so a new era of Muskie fishing has come on the scene.  I am referring to reservoir stocked Muskies in many areas of the country and especially in the  area of the lower mid-west states. I am proud of Ohio's pioneering contribution to the methods, techniques, and skills that had to be developed to make reservoir Muskie propagation a reality.  What this has done is brought a strictly northern exotic fishery right into the back yards of many local fishermen in states like Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and many others.  However, many Muskie newcomers in these states can become frustrated over their lack of success in catching these reservoir Muskies. It is my conviction after having fished for Ohio reservoir Muskies for over 40 years, the key to success is in how you fish for them. I fish for reservoir stocked Muskies differently than I would fish for their northern naturally propagating cousins.   I have developed strategies and techniques that allow me to be routinely successful at catching lower mid-west reservoir Muskies and you can do it too.  Our Muskie fishing style has also been very successful in places like Lake St, Clair and other areas in Ontario.  Much of our instruction will work in other bodies of water as well.

Reservoir Muskie fishing is growing in popularity, but all too often so is the disappointment of trying to catch them.  In a nut shell, that is what my site, my services, my publications, and products are all about.  Helping YOU catch more Muskies closer to home in your state's Muskie stocked reservoirs.  We can help you become a more successful reservoir Muskie fisherman.  Visit us often and take advantage of our site's features and products. We want you to become more successful at catching reservoir Muskies.....closer to home! 

"See you on the lake!"  Danny Wade




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**  I NEED YOUR PICTURES!!!  If you have pictures of Muskies caught on any of my custom built baits please email them to me at    Please no phone pics.  They are a major pain to use and edit.   Emailed attached photos only please.  Include a brief note on the size, date and which of my baits it was caught on.  Thanks!  Catch a BIG one!  DW

** DW000 SAND CRAW PATTERN ON FIRE!  We fished the past day and a half at Salt Fork.  Boated 3 largest 40" and lost

​a high 40" PIG just a few feet from the net and several other short hookups.  The best news is every one of these fish hit

​on the New 000 Sand Craw pattern pictured below.  Out fishing everything else we use right now.  DW

** 6/2/18  DW000 User Dennis P. caught and released this 46.5" hawg on one of our Gold Perch 000s at    Salt Fork Lake ,   eastern Ohio. Pictured below.

​      Also ​Introducing the NEW DW000 SHAD "Sand Craw" Pattern!

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We are introducing to you a Brand New Danny Wade DW000 Shad, MAGNUM SERIES, deep diver in the "Bright Tiger" pattern.

Can be ordered in any of our other color patterns as well. This is a freshly hand crafted, solid wood Muskie / Pike crank bait & trolling bait.  Overall length from bill to tail 6".  25% larger than our standard DW000s. This is a terrific trolling bait.  It will run strong and true at 10 to 14 feet depths and with adjusted rigging to 16 ft.  We recommend 50 lb. super braid, 12 lb. diameter.  Distance and line diameter directly affects lure running depth. We do not recommend mono for Muskie trolling.

This is a bait we just released in time for the late spring and summer trolling seasons.  This bait features hard digging, terrific action. Runs straight as an arrow even at faster trolling speeds.  Will be a knockout at St. Clair and many other Muskie fisheries.  I will go out on a limb and say by next summer this will be our number one best selling Muskie bait.  As its smaller cousin the DW000 standard,  this bait is destined to put some big fish in the net. Same great 000 action super sized!.  Also pictured is our new DW000 MAGNUM along side one of our regular DW000 Shads so you can see the size comparison. 

Initially, the DW000 Magnum will be available only through Ebay.  Just go to Ebay and search Danny Wade and several of my baits will come up including the New DW000 Magnum.  We will have it set up in a few weeks where you can purchase it right off our website. In the mean time you can purchase it right off Ebay.  DW

​          Clients 49 incher on DW000 Magnum in the Sand Craw Pattern  6/21/18

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                                    Danny Wade's

  Muskie Tutor Guide Services


 Manual II

   By Danny Wade

** MORE New DW Hot Trolling Lures and patterns are scheduled for release by late June.    Watch for further updates. DW

Being Initially Introduced Right Now on EBAY!  Check It Out!.

Its better than it used to be but the fact of the matter is competent, reliable Muskie fishing information and instruction has been hard to come by that focuses on mid-west region reservoir Muskie fishing.  Muskie fishing used to be limited to those legendary northern waters of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ontario. Now with the tremendous success of reservoir Muskie stocking programs, we now have excellent Muskie opportunities throughout the lower mid-west.  However to catch these thriving reservoir fish is requires some modified strategies to catch them with regularity. We give you proven reservoir Musky catching information during your entire day fishing with us. Certainly we want you to catch Muskies the day you go fishing with us but our service goes beyond that, "We Teach Tecchniques That Catch Muskies!"  You leave my boat with a good foundation for you to build on. Most of our clients are either total newcomers or relatively new to the sport and have struggled to successfully catch fish on their own.   Many have endured years of trial and error, unsuccessful strategies yet to take a trophy Muskie on their own.  We can help you fix that.    In the past 5 years we have maintained a 90 percent success rate or better with our clients on the day of their outing, catching one or more Muskies.  Contact us today to set up a day on the water with us and let us help you become a more successful reservoir Muskie fishermen!  Note:  In most seasons you will have to book  early to get a booking with us.  See you on the lake!  Danny Wade

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You are bidding on a Brand New Danny Wade - DW 000 Shad deep diver in a NEW Sand Craw pattern. This is a freshly hand crafted, solid wood Muskie / Pike crank bait & trolling bait.  Overall length from bill to tail 4.5". This is a terrific trolling bait.  It will run strong and true at 8 to 12.5 feet depths and with adjusted rigging to 15 ft.  We recommend 50 lb. super braid, 12 lb. diameter.  Distance and line diameter directly affects lure running depth. We do not recommend mono for Muskie trolling.

Initially, the DW000 "Sand Craw" will be available only through Ebay.  Just log on to Ebay and search Danny Wade and several of my baits will come up including the New DW000 Magnum.  We will have it set up in a few weeks where you can purchase it right off our website. In the mean time you can purchase it right off Ebay.  DW

Also ​Introducing the  NEW DW000 SHAD "Diamondback" Pattern!


** PEAK SUMMER GUIDE TRIPS filling up fast.  We catch our biggest fish and largest numbers of Muskies In June and July.  Usually by May the mid summer months are booked so if you want to fish with me this summer better not delay.  You'll miss the best fishing!  DW

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      "Pre Front Muskie Bonanza"  By Danny Wade

    2018 Season Huskie Muskie Count Taken out of

  my boat  or caught on my         custom built lures.  

 ​In Ohio  any Muskie 42" & up is      connsidered  a Huskie Muskie​ 

 LARGEST of 2018  49 inch

      Huskies Total   19    

 ​            Introducing the New DW000 SHAD MAGNUM!

                Introducing  Danny Wade's

                                 Hand Crafted Hardwood Muskie Baits

    DW 000 Shad HD  -  Danny Wade DZ Minnow

                     The Danny Wade DZ MAGNUM Minnow

                                Hard Wood Muskie Baits


Introducing the NEW DW 000 Shad & Danny Wade DZ

                                                       Hardwood Muskie Trolling Baits!


n years past I used a couple of different bait makers to make for me my DW 000 Shad trolling baits.  I painfully came to the realization that depending on someone else to produce a bait that carries your name isn't always the best choice but during that period it was the only choice,  But we have moved past that era and have moved into a new one.  In recent years I have developed my own bait making skills to a point where now I don't need outside

production help.  This also gives me complete flexibility to fashion my baits exactly the way I want them.  The biggest change is moving away from

using balsa wood to create a Muskie bait .  W

e made the balsa thing work but it was never my preference.  So now that my hand is on the knife I make them the way I always wanted them.  The first major change is all my baits are made from undisclosed hardwood.  The old method the guys used was like trying to mummify and egg in clear epoxy to make it strong and durable.  I always felt there was a better way but my bait makers of the former period would not deviate from their traditional way of doing things.  Using a hard wood lure body gives you a foundation for long lasting durability in comparison to balsa baits.  The multiple thick layers of clear epoxy add weight and in my baits case, hinders a more fluent bait action.  The second big addition to my lure announcement is the introduction of a brand new bait I personally developed, designed and build.  I call it the Danny Wade DZ.  Above are pictures of both of these baits and will be available in several different patterns and colors for 2015.